A Guide To Buy Rock Climbing Shoes


If you are a beginner at rock climbing and looking to buy shoes for climbing, there are a variety of shoes to choose from and hence can get quite confusing. Even for an experienced rock climber, replacing a worn-out shoe can be a challenge. It becomes apparent that before you head out to buy, going through rock climbing shoe guide becomes essential. The shoe that you wear for climbing is an interface of the rock and your feet and using a wrong type of shoe will make you uncomfortable. click here to find useful rock climbing shoes. Climbing shoe for a beginner should be a right mix of balance, comfort, and longevity as per T3.com a leading lifestyle magazine.

While buying a climbing shoe, the shoe type, features you are looking for, and the fit you want and the style should be considered. Shoes with the tip pointing downwards are suited for steep climbing. It helps in holding your toes so that you get more foothold when climbing rough terrain. If you are into climbing on the vertical ground, then a flat shoe will be the best fit.

Climbing shoe type:
Velcro or lace: Based on the type of climbing and your preference, you can choose between Velcro or lace. Velcro is easy to wear and remove, hence considered more convenient. While lace gives that perfect fit for climbing, there are no specific merits or demerits of both versions; it is mostly based on fit and comfort.
Amount of stiffness: They come in various levels of support, soft versions are sensitive and are suitable for rough terrain whereas for vertical terrains a stiffer one works out well.
Rubber: Though this is dependent on the brand you buy; the sticky ones wear out faster and beginners should look for durable and less sticky ones.

Foot shape: An essential aspect while to consider while buying climbing shoes are the foot shape. If you do not buy a correctly fitting shoe, it will ultimately ruin your climbing experience, and if you are a beginner wearing wrong shoes, it can even lead to you giving up on climbing. So, while purchasing make sure you are buying the shoe based on the climbing you intend and also to try out the pair and see if you are comfortable with it.

Shoe depth and heel: Also known as the volume of the shoe. The volume of the shoe you buy should be dependent on the depth of your feet. If you have feet which are low volume, then a shoe with high volume should be avoided as this gives you unwanted space between toes and the tip of the shoe which will be bad for your foot. Whereas, wearing a shoe with low volume when you have high volume feet should also be avoided as it can get uncomfortable. Consider both the volume of the foot and that of the shoes while buying and try out various combinations before settling for any shoes.
Finding the right combination of heel depth and shoe volume is the most challenging aspect of finding that climbing shoe. If the heel is too deep, the chances are that it may slide off your foot.

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