Choosing The Best Survival Hunting Knife – A How-To

Best Survival Hunting Knife

A good hunter is as good as the tools s/he uses. The device could be a hunting knife or a rifle. But, how does one go about choosing the best possible hunting knife? At present, there is a range of blades available. The array of choices is sure to overwhelm anyone. One right way is to look for the best survival knife review another would be to read up on articles like This article provides simple tips, tricks, and information that make choosing a hunting knife easier.

Most people just look at the blade of the knife before buying one. They forget that the handle of the hunting knife is equally essential. After all, it is the part from which you grip the knife. It should be secure. A wood or bone handle is always a preferable option because they are warm to touch. A metal handle can get very cold, especially in winter. While buying a bone or word handle hunting knife ensure that it does not have a metal trim. Besides these, a hunting knife that has synthetic handles is also excellent options.

Polymer and nylon hunting knives are warm, economical and provide a very secure grip. Another aspect to look for in a hunting knife’s handle is the safety. A handle that has contours or a thumb stop is always better than one which does not. For a folding knife and heavy-duty sheath, a finger stop becomes even more critical. Know that the handle has been carefully chosen, the type of blade you need should be considered. Given below are two kinds of the most popular hunting knives.

• The most reliable and the easiest to maintain are fixed-blade knives. They are the strongest of the lot and perfect for heavy duty work. The drawback of fixed and folding knives is that not everyone is capable of using them. Because they are so bulky, they are not easy to store or transport. This becomes a vital factor if you are on hiking and hunting trip. A fixed blade knife is best suited for cleaning and gutting.

• A pocketknife is the one you want if you need something that is compact. These traditional knives are highly functional but only for small games. Cleaning, skinning or dressing small animals is comfortable with a pocketknife. These are also safer to transport and use. The modern versions of pocketknives now come with one-hand operation. This makes the particularly favorable of hunters.

The days when hunting knives were available in only these two options are long gone. Today there is a literal smorgasbord of possibilities. With different styles and each style with many variations, finding an appropriate knife can be hard. But as they say, a classic is a classic. There is no denying the functionality of a fixed blade, pocketknife or folding knife. Since hunting these days rarely involves enormous games, a hunting knife that has a four-inch blade is more than enough. It is only for the massive animals that something bigger is needed. While choosing a hunting knife, make sure that the blade is not too long.

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