Tips For Golf Novices


Golf is a relaxing sport that is often enjoyed by the young and old alike. This elite sport is often played by aging men. However, in the past few decades, it has become popular among the younger crowd as well. Technological advances have also introduced many electronic devices like the coolshot 20 to help players improve their skills. Although golf might seem like a fairly simple sport, a lot of skill is required according to

If you are interested in trying out this interesting sport, here a few tips from the experts to get you started:

· Sign Up For Lessons
Many people make the mistake of attempting to learn how to play golf on their own. However, if you want to learn the right techniques, it is prudent that you sign up for some golf lessons. Most golf clubs offer the services of a private tutor to help beginners learn the basic of this interesting sport.

· Concentrate On Your Putting
Although the driving range offers a lot of practice in hitting long range shots for beginners, it is absolutely necessary to practice your putting as well. Since putting comes to around 50 per cent of the strikes in a golf game, it is critical that you master it as soon as possible.

· Improve Your Grip
You need to learn how to grip your golf club expertly from the very first lesson. Since your grip will determine the strength of your stroke, it is necessary to learn it from a professional. Some coaches encourage their clients to master the grip by practicing without a golf ball for the first few weeks.

· Visit A Driving range
Learning how to play golf on a golf course can become a bit cumbersome when you wind having to spend the majority of your time looking for the balls you hit. Driving ranges become useful in such situations as it enables you to practice your long range shots without about going looking for those pesky golf balls. Interestingly, many people turn up at the driving range to let go of stress by hitting a couple of golf balls.

· Choose Your Clubs Wisely
Cavity-back clubs are deemed to be better that traditional bladed clubs since they offer a greater contact area between the club and ball, making it perfect for beginners. Although some professionals also prefer to use them for certain shots. If you are a member of a golf club, you can probably rent out a set of clubs for your coaching session if you haven’t invested in a set yet.

· Buy Second Hand Balls
As a newbie to golf, chances are that you will lose a lot of golf balls the first couple of weeks. You can at least cut down the cost by buying second hand golf balls. Most often, these second hand balls are those fished out of the pond in the golf course, so they are completely usable. However, some people try to trick golf players into buying their own stolen golf balls, so keep an eye out and avoid getting duped.

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